Podcast Workshop Resources

The video above will give you a good introduction to our workshop and help you to prepare a little ahead of the day.

The best places to check out Podcasts are iTunes, Spotify and YouTube . Have a search based on your favourite band, actor, writer, football team, hobby - you name it and there is probably a podcast about some of your favourite things. List what you like and what you don’t like about the podcasts you listen to.

If you start making your own podcasts you can use software to record and edit your recording. Check out Soundtrap ( there is a free version then a subscription service) and also Bandlab - the education version is free ! If you have an Apple Device or Computer then try Garageband.

If you want to start making your own podcasts you will need some resources like sound effects and music. YouTube offers a large collection of royalty free music and sounds

The entire BBC Sound Effects library is now available to download for Free

You can also get some Royalty Free Music (must be credited to Bensound.com if you use any of this music)

Remember to always credit the creator or site you sourced your free media from as it is 1) ethical and 2) respectful .

Once you have created your podcast and you want to share it you can set up an account with Spreaker, Audio Boo, SoundCloud or Spotify

As always we value your opinion so please give us your Feedback