Onsite Teacher Training

We deliver Continued Professional Development training onsite for Primary and Secondary School teachers throughout Ireland . Our training is designed to ensure that teachers can integrate iPads into their teaching and learning and we share the benefits of our experience in using Apple products in our own teaching and professional practice for over 10 years.

The training will be hands on and focus on manageable goals that are set with you in advance. We will then will work with you to develop your own technology skills and improve your confidence. Sessions can take place in your class room with your students, in a designated space or after school.

There are prescribed training programmes available or we can design and deliver a plan that best suits your needs. Listed below are some of our most popular options. Please get in touch to start the conversation.

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Introduction Session

This 1/ 2 day session is ideal for Primary and Secondary schools that are just beginning their journey with digital devices. They may have bought a set of iPads to be used throughout the school and want to ensure that they can begin to incorporate a few apps into their teaching and learning in the classroom


Get Creative

Particularly suitable for teachers, students (senior primary and all secondary school ages) and those people interested in utilising their iPad for its creative capabilities as well as its practical functionality. Training can be subject specific, tailored for general needs based on ability (i.e. Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced) or centred around particular apps such as Garageband, iMovie, Keynote etc.

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Deep Dive Sessions

This training is tailored for subject or curriculum specific requirements. It will focus on one or two apps and explore them in more detail.

Participants will learn how to create and share projects such as podcasts, short films, stop motion animation, digital animation, music or sound scapes.