Movie Maker Workshop (2 Day Version)

Here is a short video telling you what to expect from the workshop and what you can do to help prepare for it.

Here is a Storyboard Template that you can download and start to use to help prepare your movie ideas.

You can view IMDB on line here to start researching your favourite actor, film or director.

Want to know what the different roles and jobs are in making a film? Check out the Academy Originals series - here are some examples on How Credits are made or How Sound Effects are made - have a look around and check out some more.

We really hope that you enjoy the workshop and that you will be inspired to continue to make your own films.

Here are some resources that will really help….

Here is some brilliant free desktop video editing and production software called DaVinci Resolve 16

YouTube offers a large collection of royalty free music and sounds

Free BBC Sound Effects

Royalty Free Music (must be credited to if you use any of this music)

Free images

Free Videos Some Royalty Free videos you can use

Remember to always credit the creator or site you sourced your free media from as it is 1) ethical and 2) respectful .

Feedback - can you let us know what you thought about the workshop.....