Making the most of your iPad workshops


Createschool offers simple, practical and relevant training for teachers,  students and other interested groups that can be tailored to suit all needs. 

Particularly suitable for teachers, students (senior primary and all secondary school ages) and those people interested in utilising their iPad for its creative capabilities as well as its practical functionality. Training can be subject specific, tailored for general needs based on ability (i.e. Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced) or centred around particular apps such as Garageband, iMovie, Keynote etc. We work with many schools, centres and Apple Solutions Experts such as Wriggle, CompuB and iConnect to develop and deliver excellent education orientated training.

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Training is designed and delivered by Peter Baxter, an Apple Professional Development Consultant and Apple Distinguished Educator. A classroom set of iPads and accessories is available on request.

iPad training workshops can be tailored to run from 2 hours to a full day.


Please get in touch if you would like a quotation for iPad Training. 

Let us know - What subjects and / or skills you would included in the training, how many people will be involved, where you would like the training to take place and if you would like us to supply iPads. 


Please note that we deliver training on site at your location or in our HQ in RUA RED, Tallaght.