Online CPD Course for Primary School Teachers

Approved for EPV Days

Approved for EPV Days


We are delighted to present our Department of Education and Skills approved Introductory Course for Creative Digital Arts. Creative Digital Arts provide a variety of great tools such as podcasting, movie making and stop motion animation that can be very easy to use, are perfect for engaging children, bringing ICT into the class and can also be employed for School Self Evaluation.

This course is designed for Primary School Teachers who want to learn new skills, refresh their knowledge and enhance their learning and teaching. It is ideal for complete beginners who want to get started using creative digital media projects in their classroom and it is also suitable for those who have already begun their journey and want to develop their skills further.  

The course will be delivered on line and includes plenty of hands on activities, resources and downloads as well as offering online support and guidance. It has been designed by Createschool and is based on our experiences of designing and delivering projects, workshops and programmes in Primary School Classrooms and Venues throughout Ireland for almost twenty years. 


What are the Modules?

In these modules YOU will learn how to write, edit, record / capture/ produce / create and share your own... 

  • Stop Motion Animations
  • Digital Music
  • Podcasts
  • Short Movies
  • Photographs

Each module consists of a combination of online and applied learning. This is to ensure that, when you have completed the course, you should have the confidence and capability to apply the techniques and methods you have learned directly into your teaching and in doing so enhance the learning experience of your pupils. 

What devices / equipment/ Software  do I need?

We will be using a combination of apps available for mobile digital devices (iPads / Tablets / Phones) and open source or preinstalled / readily available software. We will show you some tips and techniques and explain the reasoning behind their use,   

So you will need a tablet or smart phone that can download apps and that has a camera. You can use a laptop or a desktop computer for part of the course but it is not essential and it would be preferable to use a tablet or phone (smart device) exclusively.  If you are unsure about this please feel free to contact us with any queries. 

You will also need a Schoology Account. If you don't have one we will help you set up a FREE account. It's easy and we will guide you through this if you are having problems.

How do I Enrol?

You can fill in a registration form above or if you would like more details please contact us or call / text  (01) 452 8533 / 086 6998453

Course fee is €80 and the course is approved by the Department of Education and Skills for EPV days. You can pay the course fee via Pay Pal, Eventbrite, cheque or EFT / Bank Transfer and we will revert with details once you've selected your preferred option. 


Our Course is designed in accordance with our Quality Assurance Manual