Createschool has been successfully delivering workshops now for over 15 years, encouraging students to collaborate and discover hidden talents. We began with Songschool and from there our interests and passions led us to develop our workshop portfolio into a broader range of creative and multimedia offerings. We can now enable students to develop their own creativity and express themselves through moving images, words or music. 

Our commitment to delivering excellent and rewarding education experiences remains as strong as ever.



Our workshops focus on capturing, harnessing and sharing creativity and sometimes this will be best achieved through using mobile digital technology (phones, iPads etc). Technology is used for its creative application rather than simply its practical capability. Whilst we predominantly use Apple technology, we ensure that everything we teach can also be done on open source software for PC laptops, Android smart phones etc.


Some important practical stuff...

  • Workshops are designed to fit into existing teaching plans or can be developed as a separate project ( based on themes such as the Environment, DevEd and Mental Health)  

  • An ability to use technology, be an expert LEGO builder, direct a movie, sing or play an instrument is NOT a pre-requisite

  • Our workshops are suitable for a wide range of ages and abilities (8 years old and beyond...!)

  • Workshops are delivered in schools, art centres, venues and festivals throughout Ireland

  • Workshops can be customised to suit specific requirements

  • All equipment and materials are supplied