Tutors: 2

Students: Max 30 (Ideally 24) for 2 tutor option // 12 for 1 tutor option

Venue: Your school classroom (preferably 2 rooms).

We deliver workshops throughout Ireland

Duration:2 full school days ( preferably consecutive) 

Songs & Certificates available as a Digital Download          

CDS and Certificates for all participating students       

Students will collaborate in small groups to write songs which will then be recorded by us in the classroom.  Our tutors will facilitate the workshop and assist the students with ideas generation, song writing, arrangement, recording and production techniques.

We supply all necessary equipment including mobile studios for the recording. The ability to sing or play an instrument is not a pre requisite but if students do play instruments we would encourage them to bring them along. Whenever relevant we incorporate digital devices, apps and software for music generation and arrangement. Students can then continue to develop their skills and ideas after the workshop with their own devices.

When the song is recorded it can then be distributed via digital download directly with the teacher or CDs can be produced for all participating students and distributed after the workshop. Please ensure that you select the correct option when booking but these options can be amended by you on the day of the workshop. Please finalise all costings etc when booking.